Canine Accommodations

Red Dog 24 Hour Staffing

Day Boarding

For our guests who would like to visit us for the day, but do not wish to participate in group activities.

Day Lodge First Guest
Day Lodge Dorm $20


Our facilities have a unique, commercial grade air filtration system that exchanges air six times per hour to diminish bacteria and provide pets with clean air.

Dorm Rooms

This area offers our guests a comfortable room lodging beside other dogs. This popular dorm setting allows open communication with friends and neighbors. Some dorms have access to an exterior fenced patio throughout the day. 50% off discounts offered for multiple dogs.

Petite Suites

Our small guests will enjoy this quiet retreat. Petite Suites were designed to provide a space free from our larger,  more intimidating guests. It also includes a large atrium viewing window, private play area with lounge, colored TV, and music.

Theme Suites

These individual suites provide the utmost in exclusive lodging. Each spacious room is completely private and includes a custom raised bed and flat screen TV. Not only will our guests be relaxed and comfortable, but their owners may tune into webcams and view their pets on-line.

Suites start out at $29. 50% off discounts offered for multiple dogs.

Multiple Family Members

Additional living space is available for those who would like their family members (of the same species) to stay together. We offer a 50% discount for the second and third guest in the same suite. Specific room requests are honored on a space available basis and cannot be guaranteed. Room design and furnishings may vary slightly.


Additional rates apply.

  • Yappy hour- Yummy treat after dinner for your pooch
    • Kong Treat: Kong toy stuffed to the brim with peanut butter and tasty biscuits
    • Frozen Yogurt: Vanilla flavored single serving of yogurt
    • Bully Stick: Long lasting chew for your pet’s enjoyment
  • Purified Water
  • Webcam
  • Extra Business Breaks
  • Crazy/Lazy Dog – 15 minutes of personal playtime in one of our play yards
  • TLC - Designed for couch potatoes and those who prefer a belly rub to chasing a ball. 10 minutes of TLC

*Prices are subject to change without notice.
**Holiday prices may apply.

Red Dog Boarding - Themed Suite
Red Dog Boarding - Dorm Room
Red Dog Boarding - Themed Suite
Red Dog Boarding - Themed Suite
Red Dog Boarding - Themed Suite