Feline Accommodations

Prices shown are Cincinnati prices only.

Luxurious Feline Suites & Condos

Red Dog Cat Boarding

Our purr-fectly relaxing feline accommodations are the cat’s meow. Even the most discriminating feline will enjoy the pampering offered by these custom designed rooms. Private individual rooms offer multi-level lodging with viewing selections of our grand lobby, mesmerizing videos, or a bird’s eye window retreat for the ultimate feline experience.


Room Type Pricing
Suite $18.00
Suite with window $20.00
Condo $25.00
Townhouse (4+ guests min) $50.00


Multiple Family Members

Red Dog Cat Boarding

Additional living space is available for those who would like their family members (of the same species) to stay together. We offer a discount for the second and third guest in the same suite. Specific room requests are honored on a space available basis and cannot be guaranteed. Room design and furnishings may vary slightly.


  • Meow Hour for Feline Guests – Enjoyable extra added treat in the afternoon or evening. $5 per treat.
  • Purified Water. $3 per day.
  • Kitty Play Tree – Our Kitty Play Tree is a cat paradise. Your furry friend can climb the tree, sharpen her claws, and perch atop the cat seats built on this custom-made play area.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.