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Aquatics & Hydro Fitness Center

Your dog will enjoy time at our Aquatics Center which offers supervised private Fun Swim splash time or Fitness Swim. Warm water exercise is ideal for arthritis, improving flexibility, increasing endurance, weight loss, relaxation, building confidence, athletic and general overall wellness. Please visit the Association of Canine Water Therapy for further information.

We offer:

  • Indoor heated pool
  • Hands-on fitness sessions
  • Safe zero-impact exercise
  • Private sessions by appointment
  • Buoyancy vests for security and safety

Fun Swim

Our Fun Swims are an exciting and rejuvenating way to treat your dog to the joys of swimming. Our sessions are approximately 20 minutes long and include splashing in the water and directed play with our Fitness Practitioner. Sessions are by appointment only and can be scheduled individually or combined with boarding, daycare, grooming or other amenities.


“My 13 year -old dog, Sophie, tore her ACL and needed surgery. Afterwards, she was very resistant to the exercises, and I was still carrying her up the steps over two months later. After consulting with my veterinarian, I took Sophie to the Red Dog to swim in the pool. I can’t say she enjoys swimming, but Sherri was very calm and reassuring with her. She turned out to be a good swimmer, and after seven visits, she started going up the steps on her own. She has continued to improve and her muscle tone and stamina are much better. You can barely tell the difference between the two legs anymore. Sherri has been absolutely wonderful with her. Thanks to Sherri and the Red Dog staff!” – Judy

“Joey had suffered a fall and as a result had become quite lame in his back and hind quarters. Due to a condition in his spine, the vets were unable to determine exactly what had happened to Joey. The belief was that his condition was inoperable. When we started writing this testimonial, we had already seen improvement in Joey that we felt was the result of his sessions at the pool. But in the 2 months that have passed since that time, we have seen improvement beyond anything we could have expected. Thank you doesn’t seem adequate. We feel as though we got our dog back and that he has added a few years back to his life that seemed all but lost. I can’t say that every dog would have the same outcome, but I can say that if a dog can get a benefit from the water therapy, Red Dog is the place to be. The staff is dedicated and they clearly love their jobs and the animals that are placed in their care.” – Vince and Jaye

“This was Kohl’s story a year ago – My 9yr. old dog suffered a severe trauma injury and was completely paralyzed. Local medical teams, as well as, OSU, gave him no hope of recovery. However, we felt Kohl was part of our family and deserved a chance to live. Therefore, we brought him to Red Dog and due to their aquatics facility and the amazing compassion of their staff, Kohl has recovered the use of his legs and is beginning to walk again. I recommend Red Dog to anyone who is willing to go the extra mile to give life back to an injured pet.”

“I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how thrilled I am with the Aquatics program. My 12 year old mixed breed, Duke, has been swimming with Sandy since the beginning of May. He has had chronic arthritis for several years. When I saw that your facility offered swim therapy, I checked with Duke’s vet to see if he thought it would be helpful. He thought it was a great idea so we started with a 15 minute fun swim. Duke has been swimming weekly ever since and there have been several significant changes including, increased stamina, better mobility, weight control and general improved fitness. Also, he LOVES it.” – Edye

“The Pool services are terrific and Sandy Hodges, the aquatics practitioner, is really fantastic. She is so caring and gentle and you can tell that she loves dogs. My dog, Chappy, needs exercise and the pool is a great way for him to keep fit, while having fun.” – Sheri GRACIE “My Gracie was petrified of the water when we tried swimming at Red Dog. At first, I wanted her to get more exercise, but then it became clear that she was unable to swim. Sandy was so patient and loving and worked with her week after week until she finally got it. I no longer have to worry about her drowning when we are near water, and she is in great shape.” – Patricia

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